I am a mother and grandmother. I had a good, happy, productive, law-abiding life, and then tragedy struck. First, I lost my husband – the love of my life, father of my children, my best friend – to an unfortunate tractor accident.  I truly believed that was the worst pain and loss I could have until I lost my daughter to suicide.  Through pain, loss and heartbreak I made some bad decisions which led me to jail.  This place does not define me.  It is just a stop I had to make on my journey through life.  I am blessed to have my son as well as my “sugarbooger” (my grandson) and look forward to being released and resume living.  Through it all I still manage to smile each and every day.


Velda’s Dream

This is part of a dream which Velda wrote and wove into one of her purses.  Each purse has its own unique life dream of Velda’s.

My dream is to be released soon and to be able to accept and deal with the grief and pain due to the loss of my daughter.  My goal is to someday live in peace again.


“In this ‘banquet of life’ we are each a unique, special dish.”



A formerly incarcerated grandmother and survivor - released from jail April 2016

Velda’s Purses

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