I’ve always tried to be the best parent that I know how to be, despite falling on hard times, working jobs that don’t pay much, struggling and being homeless.  All the while, I haven’t given up.  Earlier in life I was attending church every Sunday, being on the usher’s board, and walking a spiritual life with God.  I got a good paying job, something I love doing, and that is helping others and cleaning.  My Sundays were being filled with working and not going to church.  I stopped reading my Bible but I would continue to pray.  Greed gets you every time, wanting more and turning away from my Savior.  I started stealing credentials.  Knowing I was wrong, I continued to do it.  In the process of that, I got caught and ended up in jail, losing my kids, my home and everything that I own – and I mean everything.  I know God has not left me and I have not left Him.  I guess I thought I could do it on my own.  I can’t wait to get out and love and hug my three beautiful kids.


Tomeka’s Dream

Tomeka has woven her life dream into her magazine purse.

Ty dream is to get back in to church and on the usher’s board.  My dream is to become a good mother to my kids and find a way to continue helping others and making a difference in people’s lives.

My goal is to kick this depression and be happy.

“I can’t give up now.  God has brought me too far.”



An incarcerated mother and woman of faith

Tomeka’s Magazine Purse

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