Only being 19 and being a high school dropout, this jail experience is entirely new.  I’ve been in and out of lock-up the past year and a half, more than anyone my age should be.  But this has been the longest amount of time I’ve done.  During the duration of my stay, I have found God, found my sobriety, met awesome people who can be my “sober friends” on the street, and I’ve also gotten my GED.  I’ve accomplished so much being here the past six months that I’ve come to realize that this was an experience that needed experiencing.  I plan on going back to school and getting my degree.  As of October 18, 2016, I’m 130 days sober, and every day is a new day for me to celebrate in my recovery.

“Just remember forever is relative: what one person sees as 3 years can feel like a lifetime to another.”


An incarcerated young woman in recovery

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