I’m 36 and a mother of 5 beautiful children! I grew up with my mom and stepdad. I was molested at a young age and didn’t tell until I was grown. I had a good childhood other than that. I began to rebel and got pregnant at 16. I started working in Adult Clubs at 17 so I was able to support me and my daughter. Working in clubs made me feel nasty and I hated myself. So I began to use drugs to numb my feelings. Drugs have caused me to lose everything important in my life, including my freedom. Today I’ve learned to forgive myself! I’m thankful that I’m alive and clean. I know that God has given me another chance to be the woman and mother that He created me to be!


“The only thing better than having a dream….is following it!”


Formerly incarcerated recovered addict and mother of 5

Nickie’s Bags

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