I’m 41 with 7 wonderful beautiful children, stepson and grandson — the more reason to stay on the right path with God and say, “Yes I can.” I have struggled with alcohol and drugs for 21 years, and because of this disease I haven’t been a mother to my children or made the best of decisions. I have lost my children, apartments, jobs, myself and my relationship with God. My mom and dad are deceased, but I know they are looking down from above, still loving me and wanting me to do well. I have two brothers and two sisters who love me. My dad would always say, “Can’t never could do anything,” when I would say I can’t. Meaning: Yes You Can! My grandmother and Aunt Barbara have always told me the same and have been great influences in my life. They gave great advice, but I didn’t always listen. So, I’m going to get Michelle right and make my goals and add my accomplishments to my pot at the end of my rainbow – as well as adding purses, purses and more purses! So, Go Women of DreamWeave and all women throughout the world. What’s at the end of your rainbow? What treasures will you add? Because why? Yes You Can!

Never say never and I cannot!  Why? Because Yes You Can!!”


An incarcerated mother and recovering addict

Michelle’s Purses

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