I’m 33 and there was a lot of drug use and abuse between my mom and stepdad.  Sometimes they wouldn’t come home or they abused me and my sister.  Mom was in jail or running the streets, so I went to live with my grandparents and loved it. I went into state custody at 13 after my grandmother died. By 23 I had three kids who were my world, had my own home and worked two jobs.  The man I was with went to jail and my stepsister passed away. I got on pills and my life went downhill fast.  I lost my home and children and spent three years in jail.  I had my fourth child but got back on pills and started making fast money and doing crimes.  I see the pain I put in my kids’ lives, my life and my family’s. I believe God put me here in jail awaiting trial to save my life.  I am in classes and work and for the first time am working on me.  I want jail and drugs to stop.  I want to be the mom I know I can be.  No matter what God has planned, I will ask for understanding and go with it and work on me.  I love you Alliyha, LaDairus, Issac, Nickoles and my sister and mother. 


“Who you were, who you are, and who you will be are three different people.  Work on you now.”


An incarcerated mother and recovering addict

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