I’m 24 years old, am a loving, caring and outgoing woman born and raised in Nashville, TN.  I proudly have one wonderful, beautiful daughter who is now four years old. She now lives with my aunt who she calls NaNa.  I am a recovering addict and have used a little more than 9 years.  I am incarcerated at the wonderful place you call jail.  I don’t hold the grudges from the hurt I have been through, including abuse.  I have regrets of the times I’ve stolen from others.  But I am still alive and well-loved.  My Aunt Teresa is one of the best ones alive, and I look at her as a mother.  I’ve stolen and lied, but she has always forgiven me.  My grandmother is with the Angels.  She always wanted to see me do right, and she is looking over me and sees, “This is it. I’m ready for my change.”  My mother and father divorced when I was only 11.  My father did my mother very wrong.  I was hurt by him so I wanted to leave him out of my life.  It didn’t work that way.  My mother would not give me my way so I had to turn to my father.  I eventually moved back in with my mother, and I met the perfect best friend I thought I’d ever have. We got matching tattoos of a heart with the first letters of our names.  I wanted to fit in, so when my best friend would pop “candy” in her mouth, I would, too, eventually leading me into an addict.  We quit talking.  I met my baby’s father, and even more drugs came.  It got so bad to where I got a big drug charge and was put on probation.  I have violated four times with drugs, which is why I’m now incarcerated in Davidson County, to be released to a halfway house.  I hope this round goes good.  That’s the plan.  I love my daughter with all my heart – to the stars, sky, moon, with all my angels and her angels, and back!  I want my daughter to look up to me and not down.  I love my daughter very much and one day I hope, and know, she will see that mommy will always be there physically and emotionally, and we can forgive the past and look to the future.  DreamWeave is another good thing that has happened for me.  I hope everyone loves my purse design ideas.

“A sailboat with a hole will never sail. But it can be restored with the love in my heart.”


An incarcerated mother and recovering addict

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