I’m 31 years old and grew up around drugs, alcohol and the life that comes with it. So for me I’ve always lived that same lifestyle. The hardest part has become not the addiction so much as the lifestyle and all the pain and loss that comes with it. I’m the mother of 5 girls, twins included, and have lost not only all of my little angels but any and everyone who has ever loved me or anyone I’ve ever loved. I’m just recently acknowledging and working on acceptance and trying to find forgiveness for myself, because all my dreams have turned to my worst nightmares. I’m working on loving myself and building new dreams with the help of my Higher Power one day at a time. DreamWeave has played a major role in all that, and I’m forever thankful.




“True happiness is found in the Journey, not the Destination!



Laura (LaLa)

incarcerated recovering addict and mother of 5

Laura’s Blue Jean/Bandana and Blue Swirl purses

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