I’m 28 and have been living in my own prison for 16 years – addiction.  It’s as if I sold my soul to the devil and I can’t break free.  My choices have led me to a life in jail, homeless, jobless and without my children, all trying to feed my addiction.  And today I’m searching for something more.  I have dreams of reuniting with my children, having a home, stability, and a life without the obsession to use drugs.  While incarcerated I’m focusing on who I really am as a woman and going after what inspires me.  I’m doing all of this in hopes that I can fulfill my place in this world being the woman God intended me to be.


“I’m beautifully imperfected on my journey to find who I have yet to become”


An incarcerated recovering addict and mother

Kayla’s Silver Purse and Blue Jean Purse

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