I have 3 kids and they’re the reason I’m still here.  I’ve been sick with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and I’ve been very depressed and have had many panic attacks.  I never wanted to be alone and because of that I jump into relationships with men who don’t treat me right.  In the last year I’ve been through so much with this – I thought he loved me and I loved him.  We fight a lot and it results in my low self-esteem and in me having a black eye, a burn on my chest, marks on me from his nails, and knots on my head because he hit me in the head a lot.  I thought he would change.  Now I know that if he loves me, he wouldn’t hurt me.  He is the reason I am in here but coming to jail is showing me that I can do better.  I don’t need that.  I am taking a domestic violence program called SAFE so I can know what a healthy relationship is, and I can teach my kids what a healthy relationship is because they’ve seen that the relationship wasn’t good at all.  I am in DreamWeave, and I can have something to show that “I did this,” and my dreams inside the purse can live on because dreams do come true.  You just have to believe in yourself.  In the future, I want to help young girls know what a good relationship is and let them know it’s okay to be alone.  And in the future I want to move on and leave my past in the past. 


“My past doesn’t show what kind of person I am. It just shows my mistakes. I already learned from them and I am ready for better days.”


An incarcerated mother

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