I’m 19 years old.  I can honestly say it’s been a hell of a 19 years for me.  It started when I was young, from a little girl until I was going into my teenage years.  I grew up faster than I wanted to.  Sometimes it feels like my teenage years were taken from me.  I didn’t see it coming.  I thought it was all normal.  I mean you’re supposed to be able to trust someone because he’s supposed to love you unconditionally and wants what’s best, right?  I winded up moving to Tennessee and all I had was my mom, she was my everything, and I feel like I failed her and not only her but my younger brother as well.  I can’t explain why I acted out the way I did, but I can’t take back what happened.  I felt something missing that I would do anything to seek and find what it was.  I started hanging with people who weren’t the best to be around.  I loved the wrong ones.  I gave them the loyalty and trust they didn’t deserve.  I did things I wouldn’t dare see myself doing.  Even someone who knew me knew things weren’t right.  During this I lost a lot of people close to me, even family.  It’s been almost five months being in jail.  I definitely have had the time to think about everything and really see who has been there for me.  I finally stepped up and got into some programs that would really help me – not just help me to recover but help me get back to me.  It’s not all about making people happy.  Truly you can’t make someone happy if you can’t even make yourself happy.  With joining the DreamWeave program I thought it would really help me with my confidence.  It can help me feel like I’m doing something – like I’m important and actually making a difference.  I want to show people I’m not just an inmate in a red jumpsuit.  I want to show my mom I’m still her little girl and show my brother I’m still his sister who cut up and helped make a difference for him.  I can make my dreams come true and feel better about myself.  I want to make a big difference and be the role model my brother’s always wanted and needed. 

“Been dark for a while, but I found the peace and light I needed to make it through the day.”


An incarcerated young woman

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