I’m 22 years old, and I’m a survivor. Before being incarcerated this time, I was completely alone, empty and lost. Drugs and alcohol have robbed me of my parents, a relationship with my 1 year-old son, my self-worth and all my hope. Throughout my experience I have learned more about myself and my disease than I ever imagined I would. My higher power is slowing taking away my desire to use. The open wound from both of my parents dying has started to heal. My pain and suffering has brought me courage and strength. I feel empowered. My Higher Power is doing for me what I cannot do for myself. I am Restored and Redeemed. Today I know as long as I never pick up drugs, stay connected spiritually and surround myself with people who make healthy choices, everything else will fall into place. I am blessed beyond measure and so grateful to be alive.


‘If you can make it through the night, there’s a brighter day ahead.”


Formerly incarcerated mother, survivor and dreamer

Hunter’s large Music lyrics, Caribbean blue and Cheetah clutch purses

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