There are several ways to volunteer and serve with Dreamweave Bags.  We work with many volunteers through Hands On Nashville.  Some individuals help take photos of our purses, or they hand-cut the donated leather.  Others work with individuals who have been incarcerated and who are now performing community service by helping cut paper materials before they go into the jail, so the DreamWeave volunteers work side-by-side with these community service individuals.  We are open to ideas for how you can help! Email us to become a volunteer or to support us.

Host a house party

 Experience DreamWeave in the comfort of your own home surrounded by your closest friends.

Step 1: Pick a date and send us an inquiry.

Step 2: Pick a location. Whether you want to have a comfortable setting in your own home, church, or venue.

Step 3: Invite your friends!

Step 4: Relax. We will take it from there. We will bring our beautiful hand-crafted bags as well as set up a small work station in order to customize bags for your guests on the spot. We can also invite a Dreamweaver to share her story. You and your guests will not only be able to view and purchase the beautiful purses, but also experience the essence of DreamWeave. Additionally, our team members will help your guests find exactly what they are looking for.

As a bonus, you will receive 50% off of one of our bags for hosting a party, as well as an additional $10 off for each bag you sell.

We are looking for leaders in our community that are dedicated to empowering women.

How it works: 

Distribute. Pass out our monthly newsletter to friends, coworkers, or even businesses that may share our values.

Subscribe. Add 10 friends, who might be interested in DreamWeave to our email subscription. They will receive our weekly e-newsletter, updating them on DreamWeave activities.

Invite a Friend. Next time you volunteer or attend a DreamWeave event, invite a friend. By engaging them, you have multiplied your involvement and impact.

Tweet.  Share with your twitter followers information about the nonprofit’s upcoming events, re-tweet DreamWeave’s tweets and tweet about your involvement with the nonprofit.

Share.  Go beyond liking the nonprofit’s Facebook page and share posts from the DreamWeave Facebook page.

Tell your family.  At the dinner table or family gatherings, tell your family about your involvement with the nonprofit organization.

Help with fundraising. Don’t shy away from the opportunity to help DreamWeave fulfill our mission.  Keep your eyes and ears open for new fundraising opportunities for the nonprofit and support the organization’s efforts to raise money.

Tell a coworker.  Next time you are hanging out at the water cooler, talk about your recent involvement and interactions with DreamWeave. Perhaps they never knew of your involvement and were always interested in learning more.

As a thank you for being an Ambassador,  we will feature you in our newsletter. This opportunity will allow you to share your story and how DreamWeave fits into it.


We are looking for allies/mentors to befriend a woman coming out of incarceration.

In the jail. volunteer in the jail with incarcerated DreamWeavers. Join us working directly with the women in our purse production class. You will be there as an encouragement to the ladies and have the ability to form relationships with these women.

Teach a class. Join us in the jail to help teach our job training classes on topics such as interviewing, business, communication and interpersonal skills. You will equip these women with skills to be better prepared for the workforce when they are released.

Mentor. Serve as an ally to a DreamWeavers who have been released into society. DreamWeave offers a community in jail where the women have a creative outlet and mentors to pour into them. When they are released, the women often feel lost. With so many changing factors it is even more important to have a mentor outside of the jail. Mentor Training is provided.

Business Liaison. Contact companies on behalf of DreamWeave for donated or discounted, essential materials. We will provide a list of needed materials. Help us locate recycled materials for use in handbag production.

Serve on our Advisory Board or on a Committee such as Marketing and PR. Join our committee to help us expand our brand. Your input, fashion sense, or business acumen can be put to good use.

Design & Production Assistant. Enjoy doing arts and crafts? Assist the Dreamweave staff in creating hand-made leather straps and chains for the purses. Work with our leatherworker to cut leather straps and attach them to the purse. You will be able to be a part of the production of the purses and be able to add your creativity to our DreamWeave bags.


Fill out the form below if interested!



Our office offers internships in five different areas: Criminal Justice, Marketing, Design, Event Planner and Social Services. Each internship allows the intern to learn the ins and outs of the area.



Criminal Justice Assistant – This internship will allow you to be in the jail working directly with the women. You will have the opportunity to get to know the women and learn their stories. You will meet the CCA staff as well as our network of collaborators.





Marketing Assistant – This internship will give you the opportunity to learn marketing techniques and strategies. Your responsibilities will be monitoring our social media sites, as well as creating the weekly newsletter and advertising for our events.






Design Associate – This internship is based around the actual production of the purses. You will learn how about how the purses are made. You will be responsible for post production of the purses. You will be able to use your creativity to enhance our unique bags.




Event Planner – This internship will give you experience with planning events. You will be responsible for locating venues and events that DreamWeave can be involved with as well as helping create events. You will be a part of planning, organizing, inviting guests, finding speakers, and performers.




Social Services – This internship will allow you to get one on one experience with our released workers. Responsibilities include: managing the aftercare program. This includes preparing supplies for our DreamWeavers to pick up as well as finding and receive resources and services for the women. You will participate in our monthly events with our released DreamWeavers.



For inquiries, fill out the form below.





Changes and Updates coming soon. Purses are not currently available for purchase. Stay tuned... Dismiss