I’m 48 and currently incarcerated and battling a drug addiction. Yet I’m ready to take over my life and leave drugs, jails and institutions behind. I know my value, and I refuse to allow my past to dictate my future or devalue me. I surround myself with good vibes and people. So everywhere I go, awesome follows. DreamWeave is the first step to my awesome.  Sobriety, God, employment and family follows. Take my hand and journey with me.


Francis’ Dream

Francis has woven this life dream into her red-letter Bible purse.

My name is Francis.  I’m a 48-year-old black female, 5’ 7”, brown eyes and a white patch in the middle of my dark hair.  I’m a sister, a mother of a son, whom my mother raised. I was molested by a family member and had his child and a cocaine addiction followed that issue.  I’m currently incarcerated for my first and last DUI.  Since incarcerated, I’ve become a new member of a program called DreamWeave.  It’s so inspirational.  It’s encouraged me to seek help while I’m here.  Try something new and positive, be patient, have faith, believe in myself.  Recently I signed up for Anger Management, Life Skills, Thinking for a Change.  Also I attend church and Bible studies.  I’m currently assigned to kitchen work doing what I enjoy – preparing and serving food.  Outside of jail I’ve had employment in food service, landscaping, housekeeping, warehouses and different temp services.  Since I’ve signed up for DreamWeave, I’ve had the opportunity to work with women and listen to women’s stories, just like mine.  I’m a recovering addict.  Being addicted to crack cocaine has had me all over the place.  I’ve been beaten, raped, homeless, hungry.  I’ve even contemplated killing myself at one point in my life.  But God has been an on-time God.  The DreamWeave class has built my self-esteem, taught me self-worth and to know my value and do not let anything, anyone or life on life’s terms devalue me.  My life is worth saving today.  I dream to one day be a traveling chef.  Go to culinary school.  Get a job in a 5-star kitchen to get the hands-on training to earn money to support my dream.  While learning I would like to create my own signature dish entitled Tropical Passion Fruit Salad.  I dream to go on the Chew and then to the Ellen show with my dish as I work part-time and go to school.  I hope you’ll like my purse and want to support my dream.  We know dreams do come true because here I am, a part of someone else’s dream.  And it’s such a great feeling.  So come journey with me and feast on some Tropical Passion Fruit Salad as “WE” live our dream.  My dream and your dream of believing in someone’s dream coming true.  Thanks for supporting DreamWeave, a class that helps you take your life back and gives you the freedom to dream.



“God is in the midst of it all”


An incarcerated recovering addict and faithful believer

Francis’ Purses

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