Yesterday, I happened to run into Velda, the formerly incarcerated DreamWeaver who created beautiful purses in jail and who is creating a DreamWeave purse this week at her home. Seeing the joy she feels in her freedom and the responsibility she is taking to move onto a new path is so uplifting. She’s recovering from the passing of her husband and of her daughter, and is journeying towards inner healing.  She says incarceration helped her realize she had to address her emotional wounds in order to move forward.  Velda is a grandmother, now living with her mother during her transition into society.  Making positive changes in our thinking and in our actions is no small feat.

I think of the countless numbers of individuals who are being released from incarceration today.  Their journey is just beginning, because reentry can be both beautiful and terrifying under any situation.  I just read last night a blog post of Family Reconciliation Center board member, John (JR) Davis, who created the DreamWeave video.  He operates The Project Nashville and works directly with incarcerated men.  Here’s JR’s touching post about reentry:

Jerry was released from prison after being locked up for most of his life.
Putting it into perspective- when I was headed to college- he was headed to prison…
When I got married- he moved to another prison.
When I started my first business Jerry was starting his second decade of being locked up.
You see the pattern.
This week It was my privilege to pick him up – eat a giant steak and loaded baked potato and just spend time with him.
Jerry will do fine in the free world but still needs our prayers.
Thank you all for supporting
It gives us wind in our sails to serve those in need.

It takes a village.  I’m thankful to be in a village with people moving ahead on new paths.  I continue to think of Velda and the other released DreamWeavers.  And today I think of Jerry.



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