I am married and am 22 years of age. Because of my dark childhood I’ve never found myself happy or knowing how to love. As I grow older, I realize that I was a shy, misunderstood child. I wish I was taught to speak up for myself. When I grew older, I had a voice but it wasn’t the right one. I became dark and angry once more. I tried to lift myself up by inviting the wrong people in my life. Lesson learned. I would like to grow wiser when I leave this dreadful place and maybe start singing full time somewhere.


Ciara’s Dream

My dream is to not be so angry at the world. I’ve been abused, used, torn down. I’m ready to be happy and not worry about the world behind me. I feel as though I’ve grown into a blackened heart. I dream that I can smile without it being a lie. I dream that I can stay calm with myself as well as others. I dream that one day when I have children that I won’t give them the broken part of me, the angry part of me. I know that I can live a longer, fuller life if I am less angry. My life isn’t as bad as it was at one point. So really I guess I can say my dream now is to continue on the road that I’ve made it down and continue to learn how to not be so angry.


“There is no faith like your own.”


Formerly incarcerated wife and singer

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