I’m a mother of two wonderful daughters.  My problems existed long before my addictions began.  I have a mental illness (bi-polar) and I went for many years without it being treated.  By the time this illness was identified my use of drugs had already started – not just using but making bad choices also.  All of this has sadly brought distance between my best friend – who is my mother – and me.  Once I began taking medication I was able to make better choices and stop using.  I never allowed this to continue for very long because I didn’t understand at that time the importance of staying on my medications.  So I’d stop taking it when things turned around for me.  I felt better and stopped using.  This behavior has continued since I was around 20 years old.  I’m now 49…However, today I realize the importance of taking my meds and not stopping just because I’m feeling and doing better. The meds are the reason I’m feeling and doing better. I’m able to make good decisions today and also set goals for my future.  Upon release from jail, I’d like to get educated in dual-diagnosis and be able to share with others the importance of dealing with every issue in one’s life, not just part of the issues.


“God didn’t pull me out of the ocean to let me drown in this bathtub.”


A formerly incarcerated mother, recovering addict and supporter of mental health treatment

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