I have been sleepwalking through my waking life.  I have been playing chess with myself, filling the board with polluted promises to me.  Being both pawns and kings, I have been a loyal enemy and deep at the root of things and at the heart of nothing.  I have been maliciously ambitious.  With a head muddled with drugs and spinning with lies, I have come to despise my own reprise.  But I have wasted half my life seeking truths that only needed recognizing.  This lady I know handed me a mirror, and I saw how sick I’ve been for years, how I’ve hidden for years, how I’ve fought the world for years.  She said that humility would be my savior and that it is only by repeated humiliations that I can learn something about humility.  So I stand here before you now, because I want better.



Bridget’s Dream


I dream I’ll find true humility, the ability to see myself for who I really am and work towards spiritual perfection.

“I have promises to hold and miles to go before I fold.”


A formerly-incarcerated recovering addict and mother

Bridget’s Purses

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