I’m 30 and, yes, I’ve messed my life up pretty good. I’m a mother, have been in the army, have had good jobs, and threw it away when I got hooked on pills. I was sentenced to a year on a drug charge. I was unaccepting at first, but I started enrolling in programs in the jail to help me. And then I joined DreamWeave, and it’s been so uplifting, and the team is so unjudgmental. I’ve come to know I’m meant for more than what was in my past. I’m moving on – a girl filled with determination, accomplishment and happiness. I’ve got a lot of life left in me.



“When your life gets cold and hard, remember it’s only ice cream. Eventually, it melts enough to get through.”



Incarcerated U.S. veteran, recovering addict and mother of 5

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