I’m a 30-year-old single mom with newborn twin boys and a 9-year-old son.  I’m a survivor of domestic violence, sexual abuse and addiction.  Since I was 11, I was opened up and abused by the evil world.  God has sent many blessings my way – people to minister His will for my life.  Through this DreamWeave program and over the years I’ve been blessed and I’ve grown more than words can explain.  I’ve learned that God has given me talents to help others, and this purse gave me self-esteem because I’ve been called goofy and dumb or not good enough.  Also I’ve been blessed to write my life’s trials and tribulations and survival against self in a song through being chosen by the Beat of Life, which is a music program.  Today I have the tools to fight the enemy of addiction.  Thank you, Jesus. 


Ashley’s Song and Dreams

Ashley, an incarcerated mother and recovering addict, has participated with DreamWeave and The Beat of Life (TBOL) in the Nashville jail. With TBOL, she helped co-write a song about her life journey. Ashley has woven the words to this song into her hand-crafted Music Lyrics DreamWeave handbag.

Choose Love

Co-written by Alissa Moreno, Casey Levasser and incarcerated woman, Ashley

It hurts so you called him, Your heart’s always falling, And his voice is shaking on the line, still tattered and torn

Though the bruises ae worn, hoping it’s different this time

We can’t change the past, We can’t take it all back, What if broken isn’t broken?

(chorus) It’s one step forward and two steps back, Each road that narrows lights your path, Every stumbling stone that blocks your way

Is a stepping stone to a better place, You’re lost, you’re hurt, It’s dark in your heart, And you don’t know who you are,

Even when it’s not enough

Choose Love, Choose Love

Walking this world like a prison, A stranger with nowhere to go, Funny how cages can make us feel free And loneliness can lead us home

What if broken isn’t broken?


No more tight rope tugging, The fear and regret, No more running from things we can’t forget No more shame in the shadows,

You and I both, we shall overcome


“Choose love over all things and watch your dreams come true in front of your eyes! Blessings will pour down like rain.”


An incarcerated mother and recovering addict

Ashley’s Handbags

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