I am 31 years old and am the mother of an 11-year-old boy named William.  He is my everything.  I am a victim of domestic violence.  I was able to get me and my son out of the situation before it could get any worse.  Since leaving behind my house and all my things, I have been trying my best to get back on my feet.  I thought I could sell drugs with my boyfriend, along with working my job, and hurry up and get a place for me and my son to live so I didn’t have to live in a hotel anymore.  So now I am in jail away from my son.  Not only did I mess up my life but also my son’s and my boyfriend’s lives because of selling of drugs.  I keep my faith and pray every day and remember my quote, “It gets greater later.”

“It gets greater later.”

Anethia "NeeNee"

A formerly-incarcerated mother

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